Meet the New Work-Study Students at Tacony CDC!

It’s that time of the year again! This week, we welcomed two new work-study students for summer 2014: Marie Suvansin and Audrey von Ahrens. They will be conducting surveys, assisting with the storefront improvement program, and revamping the Golden Broom Awards. If you see them walking around the neighborhood, be sure to say “Hi!”

From Audrey:

Being from the suburbs of Philadelphia, I was really excited to move into the city to start my graduate career at UPenn last August. I am studying both Historic Preservation and City Planning which makes Tacony a really great place for me to be! I am excited to start working with the community and getting to know many of the residents and business owners.

From Marie:

My name is Marie, and I’m originally from California. I moved to Philadelphia last year to study city planning at the University of Pennsylvania. Within city planning, I am most interested in commercial corridor revitalization. It is this interest that brought me to Tacony, where I am looking forward to learning first-hand how to help residents and business owners improve their community.

About Alex Balloon

Alex Balloon is the Commercial Corridor Manager of the Tacony Community Development Corporation in the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia.
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One Response to Meet the New Work-Study Students at Tacony CDC!

  1. Mary S. Dorso says:

    Isn’t Tacony lucky to have these two students. I assume they are unpaid interns which is even luckier for Tacony.

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