Corridor Cleaning Comes to Torresdale Avenue, Significant Milestone for the Tacony CDC

The Tacony CDC board has approved an agreement for Street Maintenance Services with the Doe Fund, Inc also known as Ready, Willing & Able here in Philadelphia to provide regular cleaning two days per week along Torresdale Avenue.

Ready, Willing & Able breaks the cycles of homelessness, addiction, and criminal recidivism by providing paid transitional work, occupational training, housing, and comprehensive support services to homeless individuals.


The “men in blue” will soon be providing regular cleaning services along Torresdale Avenue in Tacony

Since 2001, Ready, Willing & Able has helped hundreds of homeless adults graduate into lives of self-sufficiency by attaining full-time work, securing independent housing, and maintaining sobriety. Ready, Willing & Able trainees, often referred to as the “men in blue” — because of their trademark blue uniforms — work to rebuild their lives and work to keep many of Philadelphia’s parks, sidewalks, public spaces and facilities clean — making the “City of Brotherly Love” a better place for all.

Ready, Willing & Able (RWA) works with Philadelphians facing serious social and economic barriers: 100% are homeless, nearly 70% of RWA trainees have incarceration histories of 5 years or more; 96% have a history of drug or alcohol abuse; and 36% do not have a high school diploma or a GED.

Despite these challenges, Ready, Willing & Able believes that “work works” to overcome poverty, addiction, and crime — and helps men become productive, contributing members of our community — and responsible fathers to their children — again. Our comprehensive transitional work and housing program helps men realize their potential and directs them on a path to independence.

The Tacony CDC is excited to partner with Ready, Willing & Able to bring this service to Torresdale Avenue. The addition of regular corridor cleaning marks a major milestone for our organization, and was identified as a long-term goal in our strategic plan. We need your support to help us fund this critical service. Please join us today and become a member.

About Alex Balloon

Alex Balloon is the Commercial Corridor Manager of the Tacony Community Development Corporation in the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia.
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2 Responses to Corridor Cleaning Comes to Torresdale Avenue, Significant Milestone for the Tacony CDC

  1. Connie DeLury Schepis says:

    Another feather in your cap, Alex. What an impressive step! thanks for all your work and vision!

  2. Joe Coccio says:

    Great news! Thanks Joe Coccio

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