Construction Update: January 17, 2014

Here’s a quick construction update. We’ve been a bit delayed by the cold weather, but when it gets a bit warmer the construction crew will resume work. Here’s a recap of where we are right now in the process.

7 Storefronts Completed:

DeNofa’s Homemade Sausage 6946 Torresdale Ave

Sannutti Funeral Home 7101 Torresdale Ave

East Coast Dental Lab 6936 Torresdale Ave

Kavanaugh’s Tobacco 6938 Torresdale Ave

Smith’s Hardware 6918 Torresdale Ave

Computer Guy 6911 Torresdale Ave

Wellens Hosiery & Lingerie 7201 Torresdale Ave


The 6930 block of Torresdale Avenue is nearly complete.

5 Storefronts Nearly Completed:

Dave’s Automotive 7000 Torresdale Ave

Bulls Eye Darts 6917 Torresdale Ave

Cafe Espresso 4741 Princeton Ave

Fu Mei Mart 6900 Torresdale Ave

Marie Huff Hairdressing 6934 Torresdale Ave


Nearly a year ago the Torresdale block looked like this.

3 Storefronts to Begin Soon:

Athenian Diner 6824 Torresdale Ave

4707 Longshore Ave

New Station Pizza 6904 Torresdale Ave

We hope to see you soon out on the Avenue!



About Alex Balloon

Alex Balloon is the Commercial Corridor Manager of the Tacony Community Development Corporation in the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia.
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2 Responses to Construction Update: January 17, 2014

  1. Connie DeLury Schepis says:

    Alex….what a fabulous job you are doing. the avenue would never be in the position it is in without your vision and hard work. I have lived in tacony my whole life and have been in wellen’s maybe twice in 50 years; but, since the front has been done, i’ve been in there twice in the last two months. It’s so open and clean looking; and looks so modern. great job!

  2. Rob Matrisciano says:

    I lived in tacony my whole life . I. love. that its gettn a face lift .The houses r historic and buetiful .They dont build them like that any more .I made a lot of mistakes in my life and caused a lot of distruction n trouble in tacony n i paid the price .Im older an a lot smarter now and i feel bad i did the things i did in the neiborhood i love .Im a cabnet maker by trade but do almost all construction . I have my own tools an would love to be apart of restorin thr HISTORIC TACONY . If u could give me a chance u will nt regret it .So if theres anything i can do fr u guys let me know and it will b done with pride frm an old nieborhood kid showin the people its never to late to turn ur life around and make good to the nieborhood u love and ow so much to thank you very much

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